Social Media

Popular platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook,  etc. Are getting several hours a day worth of visits from their average user.  Increased accessibility by mobile devices bolstering just how commonly used they really all. Using Social media to push out products, business idea, website content, and everything else is a good way to get out there.

Being strategic with your post times and frequency is important to keep in mind. Easier said than done in some cases.  Often people just scroll through the latest posts on their timeline for a short while before moving on. This means your important content can be unseen by your target audience.  Post often, but make sure your content is engaging and pops out.  Here are a few key tips to make sure your social media marketing is as effective:

1 – Post Your Content Several Times

A single post to your social media profiles might be unseen within a time frame. Busy accounts with Facebook likes and friends or followed profiles on Twitter is going to have quite a lot of different information coming at them. You may be best to post the same information a few times throughout the day.

It may seem like “spam” to some, but you have to think about the bigger picture. Yes, there are going to be a few people that probably notice you post things more than once in a day. However, you’ll be able to reach far more people by doing so. Not everyone sits with their social media open all day, so make sure you account for that.


2 –  Images

You can post text only content and a link to your posts, but you’re always going to turn more heads when you actually include images. Every major Youtube channel that talks about the power of their thumbnails say’s that with the right image, people stop and investigate whatever it is you have to say, and they’ll be much more likely to actually click your links as well. It’s been statistically proven by social media experts that tweets and Facebook posts with accompanying images attached perform better across the board.

3 – Ask For Shares And Likes

Don’t be afraid to ask….. Some people don’t  share or like content unless prompted. Mention to your followers that they are helping you out, and its appreciated and far more of them will be likely to do so. If you need an example of how this is really useful, just look back to Youtube again. There are more subscribers and return visits for those that simply ask.