Main Stream Media

One of the deciding factors in using the internet as a medium for advertisement is the simplicity of control. We the people have the opportunity to frame the content in the way that will best resonate with the people with whom we wish to connect.

So often, the more conventional advertising channels (tv, radio, newspapers etc) are so dominated by the political agenda of government and larger corporate powerhouses that they lose touch with the smaller niche markets that the small business people may benefit greatly by exploring.

On top of this the media can be so negative that the viewers are emotionally spent by the time they do see your actual product. With this in mind the internet gives each of us an excellent means by which we can place our individual messages, along with others who share similar philosophies, beside complementary products and information.

Call me crazy but I would rather have the ads for my pet care products turn up around funny animal tricks video’s, then amongst the newscasts of terror attacks anyday.