Today we’re doing a rundown of what the Internet marketing world is talking about.

Firstly we have learned that Yandex which appears to be turning up the dial on personalized search. Initially when the company launched their personalized results late last year, the results were based on looking at a user’s search history within the previous few weeks and months. Now they say that their personalization is based on what’s happening within a single search session.

This should mean that for a Russian cousins the level of personalization is still high, but will actually be of more use. We’ll see what the users think over the next couple of weeks.

It would appear that LinkedIn have followed suit and added two factor authentication options to users accounts. They note that they’ve added this in order to help protect users accounts, as many see these as a business asset.

Once the solution is activated on your account, whenever you login to LinkedIn will send you a text message to your mobile phone and you’ll have to enter that code into the website as well. This is very similar to the two factor authentication method used by a number of banks, including Lloyds bank.

And finally for this particular spot today, we have the release of Penguin 2.0. There are a number of people who are doing deep dive case studies into the effects and also, what is ranking well after the update. And we have some people naming names, and showing examples of sites that are using black hat techniques in order to rank very well in the current search in results of the UK.

We cannot take a stance on this, other than to say is worth looking at what is ranking in your primary target key phrase on page 1 of Google. And then looking at how you can emulate that particular strategy in order to eat their lunch.